Home is where memories are made

Home is where memories are made

Dancing with the happy couple

I grew up before we had computers, smart phones, and ipads. We had one TV and it didn’t have a remote control. I’m thankful for all the technology that we now have….mostly because now I’m not the remote control! It makes life so much easier in so many ways (shopping).

But there are some things about my childhood that I want my daughter to experience. I want to make sure that we don’t get so caught up in our devices that we forget to make memories…especially at home.

So I thought I would take a moment and “Blog” about some of the things that I think help families stay connected without social media.

1. Sitting down and eating meals together

Tea Parties are fun too!

I know, it’s hard (maybe impossible) to sit down and eat every meal together. Even harder to prepare every meal. I really don’t know how people use to do that. Because of all of our activities, we are often eating on the road.

But there is still no better way to connect with your family than

sitting down and talking to them. So even if you have to do this at

Mickey D’s….do it. And cut your phones off!

2. Prepare meals together

This doesn’t have to be a weekly event. But how hard would it be to plan and prepare a meal with your family once a month. Let each member of the family take turns deciding what you are going to eat at that meal. This is a great time to “introduce” new foods to that picky eater in the family. A child is much more eager to taste a food if they have helped prepare it.

3. Game night

Don’t forget to bring the dolls to game night…

I’m talking about those “old timey” games that come in boxes that we use to call board games. I can remember playing Candy Land, Monopoly, Clue, and Pictionary. Those games were fun. They weren’t fun because they “had great graphics”…they were fun because I was playing those games with people I loved. And you really learn a lot about people when you are playing games with them.

My dad and I use to play cards when I was growing up. Doesn’t seem like that would be too exciting does it….but it was. And he never let me win, so you can imagine how great it was when I finally beat him.

Now, when Grandma Jo visits, she is a notorious domino player, so we spend a lot of time around the table laughing and trying to defeat our 80 year old domino champion.

4. Play outside

I can remember playing kick-ball in the backyard with my dad and sisters. I don’t remember who was the best at kick-ball, I just remember laughing a lot and chasing that ball down the hill in the yard.

We also had a basketball net hanging above our garage. My dad and I would play against my sisters. I was on my dad’s team because I was the “baby”. We usually won. Those were good times.

5. Watch TV together

I’ve noticed that most homes have more than one television set. Most children have one in their room. And you can also stream movies on tablets.

We use to watch TV together. And even though you may not be communicating as much as when you are doing some of the other things on the list, it’s fun to watch a comedy together and laugh together. It’s also nice to watch a tear-jerker together and cry together.

6. Karaoke Night

Karaoke – my niece and one of her best friends

Okay….maybe it’s just me…but is there ANYTHING more fun than karaoke family night? I don’t think so! And if you don’t own a karaoke machine, just play some CD’s (or tunes from your phone) and sing along. It’s even “funner” if you film it.

Sometimes we forget that some of the best memories are made when you are doing nothing special at all. Remember to film some of these times. You’ll be glad you did one day.

Buying a home is so much more than just finding a house. It’s about finding a place to make memories. I’d love to help you find your next home!

Give me a call, y’all!

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