The Top 3 Factors in Selling a Home

The Top 3 Factors in Selling a Home

An experienced realtor can tell you that the 3 most important factors of getting a home sold are location, price, and condition. There is not anything a seller can do about location, so lets look at price and condition.

Price your home to sell

All homes have three prices: the price the owner wants to get, the price the buyer wants to pay, and the price that will result in a sale. An experienced realtor can ensure that your house is competitively priced to sell. Some homeowners set their asking price too high just to see is they can get it. Setting your home price higher than the market is a big mistake. When your home doesn’t sell at that high price, people begin to ask “Why is that home not selling? What’s wrong with it?”.


If a potential buyer looks at a home and sees lots of repair work to be done, he’s much less likely to buy. If you’ve been meaning to fix that leaky faucet, now is the time. If there are major repairs that need to be done and you don’t fix them, the buyer is not going to be willing to pay as much for your home.

A certain amount of staging is important too. You might want to store some of your belongings so that there is less clutter. If any room needs painting, be sure to use a neutral color. Make sure your home is clean when potential buyers look at it. And remember, they will look in your closets too. Making a good first impression to potential buyers should become a priority when trying to sell a home.

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